About Us

Food evokes memories and expresses emotions. It creates unforgettable experiences which last a lifetime. Food reminds one of many associated events in one’s life.  Every dish has a strong story which one unconsciously relates to…..

Years ago, Mothers used to spend hours in the kitchen preparing the perfect  meals for their families which would put even Chefs of renowned five star hotels to shame. The secret was, a carefully well practiced art of adding the perfect combination and amount of spices at the right stage of cooking.

Old Stories is a humble tribute to the most wonderful ladies in one’s life – Mothers & Grandmothers.  We constantly aspire to provide you an experience as close to their cooking as possible. We do know, we can never match it. The most important ingredient poured abundantly in all their dishes was “unselfish Love” which can be created by none other.

“Choose and Enjoy”

“Always Fresh – We are passionate about always serving good wholesome food that’s freshly prepared just for you”

“Always the best – what we offer”

“We hand pick locally produced and locally procured ingredients for fresh tasting food. We serve only what we Relish !!”

“Book Good Times”

“We Home deliver your favorite dishes piping hot, ready to be savored”

“Down the Old Memory Lane”

“Cuisine inspired by the Oldest and most rustic recipes created by some of worlds best chefs – Mothers and Grandmothers”


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