1st Class Railway Mutton Curry – Large

1st Class Railway Mutton Curry – Large


A dish that originated during the Colonial era and was served in the first class dining cars of Railways during the Raj. Tender mutton pieces, marinated in choicest herbs and spices, cooked in coconut milk and yogurt with potato chunks and an indulgence of curry leaves and green chillies. We strongly recommend trying this dish !!!

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A dish which was developed by the entourage of cooks and bearers who travelled with officers serving in the administrative, forest and railway services in India in colonial times.The dish was generously tempered with a South Indian flavour. The reason being that much of the Class IV railway staff were South Indians, mainly Telugus from Andhra Pradesh. The engine drivers, ticket collectors, station masters were Anglo-Indians. So the dishes served were a blend of Anglo-Indian, Bengali and South Indian, cooked to perfection. There were dining cars on trains, complete with tables for four covered with white damask and set with proper crockery and silver. Liveried waiters padded about silently, serving known railway delicacies of those times. The menu was limited but delicious.

An old stories specialty to indulge in, passionately re crafted by our expert chefs. A must try for once !!!


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