Luchi, Aloo dum & Chholar dal

Luchi, Aloo dum & Chholar dal


A quintessential childhood favorite of every Indian – Loved by Adults and little Adults alike. Served with garden fresh green chilies to make your day happening !!

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This combo is very simple yet delicious. Dum is a process of slow cooking on low heat. Chefs at Old Stories create this favourite combo by cooking potatoes in a spicy tomato gravy in a sealed vessel, simmered for a long period of time. The dal is aromatic and cooked with very fragrant spices like cinnamon and cardamom with some ginger and little bites of fried coconut – very different from the everyday affair – Imagine waking up to the rythm of your Grand mothers prayers and  the kitchen filling up with the aroma of hot Puris and Chholar Dal – An inseparable pair, A match made in heaven. This combo makes a lot of our Bengali Patrons nostalgic and wistful for those bygone days making us believe an “Old Story”  kindles so many thoughts!  …Ah memories !


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